Charleston, SC.

πŸ‘« About

I went with my BF Ken for 5 days. We drove from Miami (8 hours). Had the audiobook Mindhunter downloaded for the drive. This was an trip. We stayed at The Emeline.

If you want to talk to inspirato and learn more.

πŸ’» Internet

The first day the internet seemed like it was going to be an issue, but we were able to get (*protip) the password for the "conference" connection and didn't have issues after that.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Work

We did work while we were there. I was able to host a live Q&A with Dan from Headway and stream it into my insurance billing Facebook group. I was worried about the connection, so I asked Dan to use his Zoom in case I lost the connection. If you want to see the interview, it's here. Ken was able to work as well. We had a suite so we could close the doors when we were working.

πŸ“ Licensing Issues

I tried to get information from SC if I was allowed to see my clients while vacationing in their state. No answer, yet. I rescheduled my clients. No big deal. They were all doing fine and totally ok with it.

🍱 Restaurant Recommendations

We found quite a few great restaurants by using my Find Me Gluten Free app (due to my celiac disease). I would recommend Hank's seafood (best grits ever), Magnolias, 82 Queen, Sip & Swine.

🚲 Highlights

Bike ride through Charleston, Jambalaya, and Shrimp and grits 😍.

πŸš™ Lowlights

Our car engine blew up on the way home. We were stranded in Brunswick, GA. When Ken got the oil changed before our trip, they failed to close the drain pan tightly and the cap worked it's way loose on the interstate. Ugh. We made it home 48 hours later. After, a tow truck, two lyfts, an uber, another hotel stay and a rental car.

πŸ’° Tips and tricks.

For my meeting with Dan I used this new protable table that allows my computer to be stable and be used from any location where I might not have the proper set up. It's really convenient and great to have when I don't have a space to set up my computer propersly

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