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Happy New Year!   🎉

As some of you Traveling Therapists may know, I transitioned out of my brick-and-mortar insurance-based private practice to an all-online insurance-based private practice back in 2018.  It was quite the transition, but I'm so glad I took the leap. Now, we are all accustomed to online therapy and I'm thrilled that it's becoming the norm.

Since that time, I've been able to travel the world and still see my clients. Yay!! COVID definitely slowed me down, but it hasn't stopped me.

On 2/2/22, my boyfriend and I will officially be digital nomads! Our lease ends that day; 2/2/22 - seems like a magical date to me! What do you think?  Who knows where we will end up? We will have no home base; we will live between Inspirato’s and Air BnB's. 

I spent New Year's Eve day at the beach, right in my own backyard, in Hollywood, Florida (pictured below). It was 80 degrees and the ocean was perfect. Hollywood was supposed to be a short stop back in 2020 when we moved here. COVID changed that. 🤦‍♀️ I feel sad to be leaving (it's so beautiful here), but, I'm also excited about our adventures to come. 

In 2022, one of my goals is to walk on a different beach every month of the year. 

This is such an amazing life; being able to live and work from anywhere.

In January; we’ll be in Key West for a while. 

February; Panama City Beach, Fl. 

March; I’ll be in Costa Rica with Megan Smith Gunnell from the Thriving Therapists Facebook group with 12 other
Thriving Therapists. 

April, not sure yet but I’m thinking we will be back in Miami, Del Ray, Boca, and Fort Lauderdale.

May, not really the beach, but I know I’ll be in Nashville with Ernesto Segismundo’s retreat and in Utah with Megan smith Gunnell's Thrive Retreat. 

June, we are definitely going to be in Big Sky Montana for a bit through an Inspirato property and then back to a beach.  Probably in Southern California along the Newport Coast. 

July, I’m cruising to Greece and Turkey with my mom.

I’m sure we will hit some beaches while we are there. 

That’s as far as I've planned! I’ll keep you posted on how it all plays out.

What beaches will you visit in 2022?

In 2022, I plan to share a podcast episode of The Traveling Therapist every single week!!

Yes! I started a Podcast. It launches today!
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So Far, I've interviewed....

Addie who travels with her family in an RV.
Diana who is traveling through Mexico as we speak.
Kimberly who moved with her family to St. Croix.
Tamara Howell who discusses living and working in the UK.
RJ Martin and Michael Mandrino discuss health insurance for digital nomads domestic and international.

AND so much more!

In 2022, I also plan to launch The Traveling Therapist Course.

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What are your goals as a therapist and traveler in the new year?

Work and travel the world?
Want to expand your practice?
Go from a solo practice to a group practice?
Scale-up and start multiple income streams (like me? I have eight).
Start taking insurance for more referrals and to support more clients?
I’d love to hear your plans for the new year.

Cheers to you in 2022 🥂

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