Adventures In Vail, Colorado. Top 5 Activities In The Fall

Adventures in Vail, Kym Tolson

We had great adventures in Vail, Colorado! I went with Ken, my BF, for 6 days. Is it weird to sit at a bar hooked up to oxygen and drink wine at the same time?!? It felt strange at the time, but also really kinda fun! Especially after a gorgeous hike to the top of Bald Mountain!

Adventures In Vail
Oxygen Bar SonnelAlp Hotel

Our hotel was in the center of town in Vail. We stayed in the Sonnenalp resort and it was gorgeous! The backyard is really the best part with indoor and outdoor hot tubs, an indoor-outdoor swimming pool right on the river that ran through the town of Vail. Hiking in such a high elevation really does take a toll on you. The Sonnenalp had a very cool oxygen bar right in the spa.

The was an trip (my luxury travel club) and we stayed at

If you want to talk to Inspirato and learn more, here is my referral link.

Here is a spreadsheet I’m keeping about the costs of these trips if I wasn’t using Inspirato to stay in these luxury properties.

🚲 Top 5 Activities For the Fall

~Hiking Constantly

~Hot Tubs and Indoor/outdoor pools

~Oxygen Bars

~October fest (in September 🤷‍♀️)

~ Betty Ford’s Alpine garden

💻 Internet

Hotel:  The hotel's internet was excellent. Also, I used my phone hotspot with no problems around town. 

👨‍💻 Work

I saw a handful of clients while I was there and did a lot of work on my new billing course for Virtual Assistants.  If you know a VA that wants to learn billing here’s the link to the waitlist.

I worked from a huge closet in the room on an ironing board. 😜

📝 Licensing Issues

Not an issue this trip, but, I did do my due diligence and checked with Colorado, just in case. Colorado allows me to practice in their state while seeing Virginia clients.

“Greetings,   Thank you for contacting the Colorado Mental Health Board at Department of Regulatory Agencies, where consumer protection is our mission. Below is the Teletherapy Policy for your review. This policy applies only to Mental Health professionals listed, certified, registered, or licensed, and treating clients within the State of Colorado. Please note that you would need to confirm with the rules in your state. You may review the policy in its entirety on the Board and Programs website.  Follow the link for the correct Board and click on Laws, Rules, and Policies.  link:    30-1 Teletherapy Policy – guidance regarding psychotherapy - through electronic means within the State of Colorado. This policy applies only to Mental Health professionals listed, certified, registered, or licensed, and treating clients within the State of Colorado. When listed, certified, registered, or licensed and treating clients within the State of Colorado, it is at the discretion of the mental health professional as to the type of modality of treatment format that is appropriate for the client. Regardless of the modality chosen, the mental health professional must comply with all provisions as outlined in the Mental Health Practice Act, Title 12 Article 245.   It is recommended that the initial therapeutic contact be in person and adequate to provide a conclusive diagnosis and therapeutic treatment plan prior to implementing any psychotherapy through electronic means. The mental health professional is expected to establish an ongoing therapeutic relationship including face-to-face visits on a periodic basis thereafter”

🍱 Restaurant Recommendations

We found quite a few great restaurants by using my Find Me Gluten Free app (due to my celiac disease). I would recommend El Segundo, Bully Ranch, Alpine Rose

Slope room, Moe’s barbecue in Lions Head,

Ludwig’s breakfast. Inspirato has a lounge in town with a free happy hour with drinks, snacks and a business center.

🚙 Lowlights

~the altitude made it tougher to hike

~the Gondola rides did not run during the week only on the weekends so we weren’t able to partake. 

💰 Tips and tricks.

I used miles from this credit card and my round trip flight and baggage were free. 😍

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