Hey, I'm Kym Tolson

I'm The Traveling Therapist. I'm a business owner, therapist, and entrepreneur. I've developed multiple income streams that allow me to live an amazing life. I travel the world while earning income to fund my traveling obsession.

I help therapists create and maintain prosperous private practices while traveling the world through courses, memberships, and free support communities. 

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My Dream Became a Nightmare!

I broke free from the rat race! I was a therapist who felt stuck in a job that was once my dream. I have been able to break free and live a life I only dreamed of. I live in Airbnbs as I travel the world. All while maintaining a private practice and multiple income streams. 

I want to share this journey with you. All you need is a laptop and a desire. Get ready to break free! 


Life and Adventure Were Calling My Name

I get to have adventures all over the world with my friends and family. There are so many tools that will help you achieve this. This is why I started the traveling therapist. Check out our travel and business resources to help you grow your lifestyle business. We also have an amazing group that has entrepreneurs with all sorts of backgrounds ready to share their insights with you!


A Little About Me

In January of 2020, my boyfriend and I sold everything. Our houses, furniture, clothes, artwork....literally everything. We were embarking on a journey to become digital nomads. My practice was all online and he could easily work from anywhere. First stop: Hollywood, Florida, right outside Miami. Then COVID hit. Ugh. Everything shut down. We couldn't travel. Dreams on hold! Luckily, Miami is a pretty great place to be stuck during a pandemic.

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